Israel hosting three UCI-sanctioned races starting Friday

March 2nd, 2011

Not that it counts. Read the fine print – it’s mountain biking:

The info is below, but for pictures, here’s the link:

A series of three UCI-sanctioned races in Israel is drawing racers from at least nine countries beginning later this week.

The racing will begin this Friday, March 4 with the Yokne’am category two race in Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek organized by City Cycling Club and the Megido Regional Council. On Saturday, March 5 the City of Haifa will host a category one race organized by the Israel Cycling Federation on last year’s European Mountain Bike Continental Championship course, slightly modified in accordance with new UCI regulations. The concluding race, also a category two, will take place on March 12 in the Segev forest of the Western Galilee Mountains and will be organized by TeaMisgav and the Misgav regional council.

Riders are coming from Poland, Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, and of course, Israel. Among them will be Hungarian Barbara Benko from the Euro-One Team, ranked 23rd in the world, Marek Galinski from the Polish team JBG-2, ranked 51st, and three other riders ranked in the top 100.

Elite women’s national champion Noga Korem (TeaMisgav), ranked 78th in the world, will represent Israel along with Shlomi Haimi, who will race with the elite men.

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Gavi Epstein

December 27th, 2010

Little excerpt:

Q.How did your years racing as a junior go?
A.Actually, all of my junior career I was never allowed to race on Saturdays, because I grew up in a Jewish orthodox home, so I never really fully committed to bike racing. Even though I was going to all these races and qualifying for the junior regional champs, I could never go, which was kind of frustrating for me. So I was always just doing it for fun, you know.
But as I got older everyone still had interest in me. When I moved out of my house, that first weekend I raced on Saturday. That second weekend I rode at Univest.

I’m baaaaack

December 13th, 2010

A computer savvy friend of mine helped me figure out how to reset my user name and password even though I had no idea what my old user name and password were.  Now when I don’t post it’s because I’m lazy – before it was because I was a moron.

Lance Spotting

May 2nd, 2009


He rode by my car on his way to the TT, then proceeded to beat me by 10:21. Obviously his wind tunnel training is paying off.

Unique New Mexico (much easier to say 3 times fast)

April 27th, 2009


Maybe my tent isn’t so bad.


Some performance art on the TT course.


Maybe Home Depot sold these toilets in the home and garden section and this person got confused.


I almost collided with this at 35 mph. Crashing into a wolf and getting mauled would make a great vacation story.

Photos from New Mexico

April 24th, 2009




Amongst all that beautiful scenery, that decapitated doll’s head stuck out at me. I think it’s a shiksah

Austin, Texas

April 23rd, 2009


You know you’re in a college town when you see a $2 beer being siphoned.


That is a Texas license plate with Lance Armstrong saying “Share the Road Y’all.”


Texas is taking that “everything is bigger here” too far. That’s a 20 serving Rice Crispy Treat. Too bad it doesn’t fit in the pocket of my bike jersey.

In Case You Missed Monday’s Epoch Times

April 22nd, 2009

I couldn’t find a podium picture, but there is one of me racing here.

En Route to Tour of the Gila

April 21st, 2009

I stayed with a friend in Tallahassee last night and in the morning stopped by Walmart on my bike ride to get new head phones (I left mine in Tampa). On the way out, the door greeter asked me if I had a receipt for my bike. I don’t think she’s a cyclist.

I drove into New Orleans today – here’s a photo of a guy I met at a bar and the most beautiful waterfall in the world:



Future Challah Famer

April 14th, 2009

American Jew-nior Adam Leibovitz finishes third in Belgium stage race – check out the Velonews Article here. I stole “Challah Famer” and “Jew-nior” from Eric Weis.

Eric, I decided to give you credit instead of a free jersey.